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Residential Parking Program


Residents living with the Downtown Area (from the intersection of Spring Street and Riverside Drive, running along Riverside Drive to Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., along Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to Fifth Street, branching along Fifth Street to Oak Street, running along Oak Street as it becomes Hemlock Street to the intersection of Spring Street back to Riverside Drive), are eligible to purchase a Residential Parking  Program (RPP) Garage Pass for monthly parking in all Macon-Bibb County parking garages at a reduced rate in an effort to provide downtown residents with convenient and covered long term parking without having to pay the meter and abide by the 3-hour time limit zones. Proof of residency is required to be given the reduced RPP Garage Pass monthly parking rate.


The RPP Garage Pass reduced monthly parking rates for each Macon-Bibb parking garage are listed below:

  • 440 Mulberry St Garage – $25.00 per month for RPP (Retail is $40 per month)


The following parking facilities are not managed by PARK Macon-Bibb, but may be available as a monthly parking option. The parking facility information at the time of writing this program are as follows:

  • 427 Poplar St Garage – $40 per month – Managed by Lanier Parking Solutions – 478-738-3981
  • 402 Cherry Street Garage – $35 per month – Managed by Damaste Real Estate – 478-741-0040
  • 525 Mulberry St Garage – Fulton Federal Parking Garage – $60 per month – Managed by Fickling Management Services – 478-743-0000
  • 577 Mulberry St Garage – $75.00 per Month – Managed by Republic Parking Systems – 478-743-1999


In addition to the above mentioned RPP Garage Passes, PARK Macon-Bibb also provides an On-Street RPP Permit. Residents with this permit, may park at the following locations only without payment of the meters and may park for up to 12 hours at a time.

  • Third St from Walnut St to Cherry St
  • Third St from Poplar St to Plum St
  • Second St from Poplar St to Plum St
  • First St from Cherry St to Walnut St

Only 2 (two) On-Street RPP Permits are allowed per housing unit. An On-Street RPP Permit does not guarantee a parking space at those locations. Furthermore, if there is no parking available at the above-mentioned locations, then this does not permit residents to park at other metered areas without payment. For a guaranteed parking space, we recommend the RPP Garage Pass.


The On-Street RPP Permit costs $150.00 per permit. Only 2 (two) On-Street RPP Permits are allowed per housing unit.


Copies of the following documents are required to establish residency:

  1. Driver’s License and/or vehicle registration with address in Macon Downtown Area. Residents with driver’s licenses and/or vehicle registrations that do NOT reflect the Macon Downtown Area must also present one of the following documents as proof of residency by district:
    • Property owners: Georgia Department of Assessment and Taxation or a current* utility bill with the owner’s name along with Government issued ID matching the name.
    • Lessee: Copy of current signed lease along with Government issued ID matching the name. The RPP Garage Pass or RPP On-Street Permit will only be valid until the end of the lease. Month-to-month leases are not accepted.
  2. All parking tickets in Macon-Bibb county must be paid at the time of purchase. (PARK Macon-Bibb staff can verify this at time of purchasing monthly parking pass. No documentation is required from you but you can verify all parking tickets are paid by visiting: parkmaconbib.rmcpay.com)
  3. Only 2 (two) On-Street RPP Permits are allowed per housing unit.


The RPP Garage Pass and RPP On-Street Permit can be purchased by the following methods:

  1. In Person at PARK Macon-Bibb, 517B Cherry Street, Macon, GA 31201
  2. By Mail at the following address: PARK Macon-Bibb, 517B Cherry Street, Macon, GA 31201. Please mail all appropriate required documentation, the Macon-Bibb Residential Parking Program Application form and check for the amounts listed above. Do NOT mail cash.
  3. Online at maconbibbpermits.rmcpay.com Online is currently only available for On-Street RPP Permits. ($12.00 Processing and Convenience Fee for purchasing online.)

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